Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Check out 'Evergrowth - A trip to adulthood', our submission for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015. Vote for us on this page and share it on facebook, twitter!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dungeons And Disco...a.k.a D'n'D...or how a bug got made into a feature...

I have been working on and off on my own OpenGL engine, programmed in GLBasic beside other things. About a moth ago most features got implemented in a more or less functional way and yesterday i released the first playable alpha demo of what's to come. Why Dungeons and Disco you ask? While creating the engine, one of the biggest bugs was the 'dancing disco lights bug' as i dubbed it. Basically any moving lightsource had a mind of it's own and would start 'dancing' all over the gamegrid! At the beggining this was going to be a fairly straightforward high-fantasy dungeon crawler/roguelike. As soon as this bug crept in and i showed the game to some friends they found the bug very amusing and thought it was intentional. This got me thinking. Initially it was going to be Disco Dungeons but then i thought to myself, i like D'n'D, why not try and reimagine the title into something funnier? Thus came Dungeons and Disco in existence. Follow more on it's development, download the alphas, share your comments and vote for it on GameJolt ( Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magnetic Wars iPhone-iPod Touch Preview

Our first iPhone/iPod game is officially out!

Magnetic Wars, Tenebra Studios' first mobile game, is now available on the AppStore. For more info, visit, or search 'magnetic wars' from iTunes, either on your iDevice or your computer. Christmas special introductory price at 0,79€! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New year almost gone...still going strong!

A new dog is now following at the footsteps of the late Gizmo! His name is Ektoras and he is as crazy as a little puppy will ever be! In other news Tenebra Studios -my startup games' and multimedia development company- has finally been established! Visit for more info! Our first projects especially in the multimedia presentations/publicity field are already out of the door and we are working hard on our full game...adventurous time ahead indeed! This has been, is and will be a journey of exploration for me and all the people involved in ths project. Through this blog, onwards, i will be documenting anyhting regarding the game development process or any other news that catch my attention! Welcome aboard...hope you enjoy the ride!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So long...dear friend...

Yesterday my best friend -and i say that in the deepest meaning of the word- took a long journey far far away...Gizmo was his name and he'd been with me through thick and thin for the last 10 years...So long buddy...we'll surely meet again...have lots of fun in dogheaven or wherever you are now...hope there are many juicy bones for you to eat there...

Monday, January 07, 2008


I just discovered GLBasic. A very easy programming language to pick up. Really helpful if you want to make small games with just a few lines of code and have a programming background in other more powerful languages(C++, JAVA etc)! The official GLBasic site is hosting a GP2X f-200 programming competition! SWEEEEEEET...i am brushing up my programming skills....maybe i'll cook something good enough to send to the competition...for more info please visit GLBasic's official site by clicking here! No matter who wins and loses this competition and many more that are held by the active GP2X community help bring good homebrew games and applications to this fabulous handheld!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

OPEN2X?!?!?! Can you eat that?

Ever heard of a project called OPEN2X? Their aim is to bring a new firmware and a new way to make programs for the GP2X by dynamically linking libraries and not static linking as it stands now, thus making the produced executables faster and smaller! The new firmware will bring back many of the features that the Firmware version 4 stripped off the GP2X, such us USB networking, NAND memory access, new boot scripts, faster booting times and many more! You can read more on their progress at their Wiki site{ }! I am eagerly awaiting their first stable public release! Lately with every new firmware release GamePark Holdings has been SYSTEMATICALLY diminishing the many possibilities the GP2X originally had and is trying to turn it into a simple gaming console and not a handheld computer with Linux as it originally was. Hopefully OPEN2X will remedy this. Especially for all of us owners of a newly bought GP2X f-200 which came preloaded with firmware v4.0.0 this project will be salvation! Currently there is no need to downgrade your firmware to a lower one since GP2X f-200 has a touchscreen, and older firmwares don't support it...As things stand now, the only way to easily develop things on your GP2X or have advanced features is to buy a GP2X CRADLE which connects to the EXT port of your GP2X and adds 4 USB ports, TV out,Left and Right audio out, support for connecting Wi-fi dongles and many more!

After a lot of searching around the GP2X file archive and GOOGLE, i came across the best emulator for this handhled according to my opinion. I always was an adventure games fan! Especially the adventures of the "GOLDEN ERA"! I am talking for the masterpieces of Lucas Arts(Loom, Monkey Island 1,2,3, Sam & Max, Full Throttle etc). In order to play them on WINXP i have been using the fabulous emulation environment called SCUMMVM! Guess what...this emulator has now been ported to our beloved GP2X, also with touchscreen support! What more could one possibly want than being able to play one of the fabulous adventures this emulator supports on the bus, or on the train! GP2X is truly the Emulator Fan's "AMIGA" ;-)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

GP2X rambling...

The more time i spend with this fabulous piece of Korean technology, the more amazed i become! Yesterday i figured how to emulate Amiga's Workbench v3.1...practically perfect emulation using UAE4ALL GP2X! Along with Qtopia and GPE having been ported to GP2X, this is shaping good! This little handheld already emulates many os environments. I am now trying to figure out a way of using b2x(the basilisk2 emulator for GP2X) in order to emulate MAC OS. In the near future, when i'll have gathered enough knowledge and info i'll start writing detailed guides as to how you can use your GP2X as much more than just a games' condole! GP2X tutorials in general is the only point were GP2X community hasn't invested much time thus far...

Stay tuned!